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About Neuro Lab

Neuro Lab was established over ten years ago by Mr. D. N. Taylor and Dr. O. V. Galkina.  The former had a lifetimes’ experience as a project manager whilst the latter had considerable expertise in the fields of neurochemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry.  Prior to becoming a UK citizen Olga Galkina had spent the previous 28 years working in various institutions controlled by The Russian Academy of Science and Medical Sciences.

In the late 1970’s she was one of the principles in a joint eastern bloc project that utilised Lactobacillius Bulgaricus as an extremely successful product in treating cancer patients.  This achievement did not go unnoticed and the project was acquired by a third party for personal gain but it eventually disappeared although that is another story!

For the last twelve years of her life in Russia Dr. Galkina specialised in the regulatory mechanisms of the functioning of the brain and their association with the health of mankind.  Special attention was paid to two particular conditions, schizophrenia and Alzheimers disease.  These two conditions are dramatically opposed as schizophrenia is associated with too much memory and the younger age group whereas Alzheimers disease is associated with the ageing process and too little memory.

Due to the constraints of the Official Secrets Act it is not possible to expand upon the work details and the projects that were the responsibility of Mr. Taylor.

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