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Dr O. V. Galkina-Taylor

The director responsible for the day to day functioning of the laboratory is Dr. O. V. Galkina-Taylor who was honoured in 2006 by being included in “Global Register’s Who’s Who In Executive And Professionals”.  Her speciality is Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinological Research and her achievements include:
Dr Galkina-Taylor

  • The development of special tests to measure the activity of the nervous system.
  • The development of analytical technology to identify the immunological imbalance.
  • The development of analytical technology to evaluate the activities of anti-tumour and pro-tumour in a cell.
  • Recommendations on how to re-balance activities within the brain directly and through the correction of immunological imbalances to achieve regression or, alternatively, to avoid a relapse of most pathological conditions.

Her professional qualifications include:

Special awards

  • Honoured by The Soros Foundation (www.soros.org)
  • Recognised by The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences at a Specially Convened Symposium of her achievements in furthering the understanding of the human body by converting proven scientific evidence into practical solutions for the benefit of mankind, November 2007 (www.mcramn.ru)
  • Honoured by The New York Academy of Sciences   (www.nyas.org)
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