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High quantities of p21 are indicative that cells are being exposed to an attack by an agent which is toxic (harmful) and will impair the normal work of cell genes. However these damaged cells are influenced by elevated levels of the P21 Gene Expression and will self destruct which is positive in the presence of cancer. Low quantities of p21 show that the level of self destruction is poor and many of the harmful cells will survive which represents a poor diagnosis.


p21 is a gene which promotes the self-destruction of a transformed cell, or any abnormal cell and it codes the protein called p21 / CIP1 / CDKNIA. This protein is an inhibitor of the Enzyme cyclin / cyclin-dependent kinase. When the Enzyme is inhibited, the cell cycle is disrupted and this is followed by the arrest of the cell proliferation. This assay is designed to evaluate the state of the activity of the p21 gene which can be associated with the second line of cellular defence against the growth of a Cancer Cell population.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to all forms of cancer.
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