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Ligand (APRIL) Soluble


APRIL is a protein that is directly related to tumour growth as high levels indicate an active process in the production of both transformed and cancerous cells. On the other hand low levels indicate that there is minimal transformed or cancerous cell production which would suggest that tumour growth is not active at the present time.


APRIL is a transmembrane protein with a low expression in normal tissue. Its expression is elevated in many types of cancer and transformed cells resulting in the growth of a tumour. This assay is designed to evaluate the presence of one of the main factors responsible for the progression of a cancer.

High APRIL levels are associated with an active growth of the population of the cancerous / transformed cells which can alter the immunological response against cancer. Low levels indicate, in all probability, the absence of an active process of cancerous cell proliferation.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to all forms of cancer.
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