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Telomerase originates from some viruses or is liberated from dying Cancer Cells. It is an Enzyme that helps cells to self-replicate and is a major participant in the process of transforming normal cells to malignant cells. High levels indicate the presence of transformed cells which are not being automatically destroyed by the natural defence system and these cells could replicate. On the other hand low levels suggest that there are few, if any, transformed cells present.


Telomerase is a key Enzyme that helps a cell to continue self-replication. Free, or extra cellular, telomerase is able to enter the nucleus of normal cells and to switch on the c-myc Oncogene. An elevated c-myc expression is a major step in the multi-step process leading to the malignant transformation of cells because the c-myc Oncogene stimulates the cells own telomerase gene expression. Free telomerase can be liberated from dying Cancer Cells or from some viruses. High levels are associated with a risk of
malignant transformation of the normal cells. This assay is designed to evaluate the presence in the blood circulation of the extra cellular (free) telomerase which is resistant to natural destruction.

High levels of extra cellular telomerase indicate an imminent risk of the malignant transformation of cells which are penetrated by this Enzyme. Low levels indicate an absence of a virus which could contain telomerase and, in the case of a cancer, an absence of the destruction of immortal malignant cells.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to all forms of cancer.
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