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(IL-1 β) GENE


The IL-1β protein is released as part of the initial immune response to infections that include Inflammation and fever. Excessive quantities of IL-1β, especially over the long-term, can impair liver, brain and nervous system functions which, in turn, can prevent the generation of any necessary and effective anti-tumour defence measures. Low quantities may indicate reduced immune resistance against infectious invaders and can also negatively impact nightly deep sleep.


IL-1b is a pro-inflammatory Cytokine mainly produced by the macrophages of the Immune System in response to any infection. Together with IL-1β it is the main endogenous pyrogen and is able to directly stimulate prostaglandin PGE 2 release by the hypothalamic tissue. This assay is able to provide information relating to the activation of macrophages and also is designed to estimate the risk of Inflammation, oxidative stress and neuro-degeneration. IL-1β is the trigger of oxidative stress as well as being a general stress mechanism.

High quantities are associated with an acute phase of Inflammation, alterations to the liver and the brain functions. Any long-term increased quantity of IL-1β will trigger the neuro-degenerative process and also result in profound impairment of the nervous system activity, leading to the disruption of the neuro-endocrino-immunomodulation and initially cortisol overproduction followed by its reduction on the advanced stage of a disease. Under such conditions the naturally effective anti-tumour response cannot be generated. Low quantities of IL-1β are associated with a decreased ability of the Immune System to generate an acute response aimed at mobilising the defence against any invading infections species. Slow-wave sleep could be also impaired when IL-1β is low.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, infections and Diabetes.
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