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10 (MMP-10) LEVEL


MMP-10 is an Enzyme that is produced by some Cancer Cells and its growth is stimulated by tumour necrosis factor alpha. It has a positive effect on the protective barrier that surrounds the cells when it is at a normal level. It also has the capability of activating other MMPís that assist with other pathological conditions. Elevated levels indicate that the protective barrier is not very efficient which will permit cancerous cells to invade other territories and Metastasis to take place. Low levels suggest that toxins and other harmful agents are not being removed from the surface of the cells causing damage to the cells.


MMP-10 is an Enzyme that belongs to the family of zinc dependent endopeptidases. MMP-10 is produced by keratinocytes, T cells, menstrual endometrium and some Cancer Cells. A number of growth factors and tumour necrosis factor alpha stimulates its production. MMP-10, also known as stromelysin 2, degrades a wide range of proteins including types III, IV and V collagens, as well as gelatine, fibronectin and aggrecan which are the components of the extra cellular matrix. MMP-10 is also able to activate other MMPís, such as MMP-1 and MMP-8 which are associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Cancer cells use the activities of MMP-10 to promote an invasion to the surrounding tissues, as well as Metastasis to distant tissues. This assay is designed to evaluate the level of the extra cellular matrix destruction.

High MMP-10 levels indicate an impaired functioning of the extra cellular matrix which contributes to the development and progression of a number diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and a cancer. Low levels indicate a risk of the disruption of the cycle of the extra cellular matrix destruction-production (remodelling) which can lead to the accumulation, in its structure, of some harmful agents toxic to a cell.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ).
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