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IL-5 is a Cytokine (signalling protein) that triggers an inflammatory reaction in the body in response to parasitic infections as well as many allergic and asthmatics conditions, but may also be activated to combat certain cancerous cells. Consequently, the assay for IL-5 can provide an insight into the presence of parasites or allergens in the body, as well as the presence or absence of related Immune Cells that can elicit anti-tumour effects in cancer patients. Low IL-5 quantities indicate the absence of such an infection or allergy.


IL-5 is a pro-inflammatory Cytokine produced by the Th2 cells of the Immune System. It is produced mainly by theTh2 cells, in response to stimulation provided by parasite derived Antigens and allergens. In addition, various transformed B cells, Reed - Sternberg cells in Hodgkin’s disease and activated eosinophils can express IL-5. Some kind of inflammatory process (such as asthma or various allergic responses) is associated with Th 2 cell activation followed by an elevated production of interleukin 5, together with interleukin 6. This assay is able to assist in an estimation of the factors preventing the formation of the anti-tumour immunity and to provide information relating to the presence of parasite infections or allergens. It is designed to estimate the interleukin 5 gene expression as part of the characterisation of the Th1/Th2 immunological balance.

Increased quantities are associated with parasitic infections, the presence of allergens and Inflammation due to the activation of eosinophils (i.e. cells of the defence system). In the case of a cancer patient active eosinophils can have an anti-tumour effect. Low quantities are associated with the absence of a parasitic infection and a number of allergens.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological condition :-

- Parasite infections.
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