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2 (MMP-2)


MMP-2 is an Enzyme produced mainly by the macrophages or some transformed cells and assists in the destruction of the extra cellular matrix (ECM) surrounding the cells. This assay is able to assist in the prognosis of the progression of cancer. High quantities indicate the destruction of ECM and a risk of spreading of transformed cells if any are present. Low quantities lead to decreased ECM degradation and is damaging for the kidneys.


MMP-2 is an Enzyme (biochemical protein catalyst) which assists in the controlled break-down of the extra cellular matrix (ECM, a protective barrier) surrounding many cells. Under normal circumstances, MMP-2 functions to enable specialised biological components to enter cells for the performance of necessary intracellular functions. However, Cancer Cells can harness this MMP-2 faculty for their own use, enabling their successful penetration into a range of previously healthy cells and subsequent dispersion throughout the body. The MMP-2 assay is thus an effective tool for measuring the progression of a cancer.

Elevated quantities indicate higher-than-normal levels of ECM destruction, with a concomitant risk of damage to normal cells and the blood-brain barrier, and the Metastasis of cancerous cells. Conversely, low quantities lead to reduced ECM degradation. The resulting build-up of ECM can impair the kidneys and cause the kidney disease glomerulonephritis.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ).
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