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IFN-γ is a Cytokine (a signalling protein involved in cellular communication) that helps stimulate the inflammatory process, the bodysí way to heal infection. An assay for IFN-γ thus serves to shed light on this critical element of the immune response. Presence of the protein in high quantities demonstrates that the Immune System is successfully destroying infected or potentially cancerous cells, while low quantities indicate a diminished immune defence.


IFN-γ is a Cytokine produced mainly by NK cells of the Immune System and has both anti-viral and anti-proliferation properties. It is the amplificator of the release of pro-inflammatory Cytokines. This assay is able to assist in the evaluation of the processes relating to the destruction of cancer and other Abnormal Cells. It has been designed to estimate the interferon gamma gene expression as a part of the characterisation of the state of the defence system.

High quantities indicate cell destruction, primarily those that are transformed or infected, and the suppression of angiogenesis. Low quantities usually indicate that there is decreased destructive ability of the Immune System.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS ) and depression.
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