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Here are some of the kind testimonials that Neuro Lab has received over the years:

"I attended the Annual Meeting organised by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in November 2007. At the meeting, Dr. G.V. Idova and Dr. L.V. Devoino spoke that the work of Dr Galkina on the interaction of immune and nervous system initiated a new line of investigation in Neuro-immuno-modulation.

At this gathering, Dr Galkina's work of converting collaborative research into practical medicine for the benefit of mankind was supported, approved and honoured."
by: Dr E.K. Podgornaya - Scientific Director, School of Health - Novosibirsk, Russia

"I have been meaning to write to you to say how very impressed I was to meet you. Your knowledge of biochemistry is amazing. I really enjoyed talking to you and hope we can meet again."
by: Professor Jane Plant

"I have worked with Dr Galkina for some years. i can say without question that she is one of the most brilliant biochemists I have ever worked with. She is both reliable, honest and very creative in her work. She provides a unique resource, which is not available anywhere else in the United Kingdom..."
by: Dr Julian Kenyon - The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine

"Dr. Olga Taylor is an outstanding practical scientist gifted with the rarest of qualities....
... her work is an inspiration."
by: Dr. E Callebout, Harley Street, London

"... The research by Dr. Olga Galkina has highlighted new insights by using specific measured changes in neurotransmitters..."
by: Dr. W. Fryda, Krueth - Scharling, Germany

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