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9 (MMP-9)


The protein MMP-9 is involved in most inflammatory responses of the Immune System. Its role is to degrade the extra cellular matrix (ECM, the structural support system) of “enemy” cells and thus enable immune elements to penetrate the interior of these invaders and initiate their destruction.

Research has demonstrated that MMP-9 can play the same role in targeting tumours. By destroying their protective barrier, this protein facilitates the immune capacity to penetrate the component Cancer Cells and destroy them. Assaying for MMP-9 can determine how effectively the extra cellular matrix is being degraded and thereby enable an evaluation of the efficacy of tumour cell elimination.


MMP-9 is a protein that belongs to a family of zinc dependent endopeptidase. It is also known as gelatinise B and degrades a wide range of elements of the extra cellular matrix, including types IV and V collagens, gelatine, elastin and proteoglycan core protein. One of its important properties is, together with MMP-1, to participate in the destruction of fibrillar collagens including their denatured gelatine.

MMP-9 is produced mainly by mononuclear phagocytes and is involved in most types of inflammatory responses. There is evidence that, in some case, MMP-9 can assist in the destruction of a tumour as the destructive agents could have a much easier access to the tumour cells after the destruction of the extra cellular matrix by MMP-9. In the case of multiple sclerosis, MMP-9 is able to damage myelin basic protein with the release of encephalitogens. This assay is able to assist in the estimation of the inflammatory response that is linked to the destructive processes. In addition, it participates in the prognosis of the degradation of fibrillar collagens.

High quantities are associated with tissue destruction, Inflammation and the impairment of extra cellular matrix Homeostasis, with the destruction of the extra cellular matrix. Very low quantities indicate an impairment of the extra cellular matrix Homeostasis with the deposition of the extra cellular matrix, followed by an accumulation of toxic / harmful substances.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, infections and Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ).
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