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Analysis of
Brain Chemistry


The health control system is situated in the brain and it comprises a number of chemical substances some of which are termed neurotransmitters. This control system transmits signals to the various parts of the bodily system and receives an almost instantaneous response signal which reflects the output signal content. It is logical to deduce that any output error is also going to adversely influence the feedback signal. Therefore it follows that if the return signal is inaccurate then the instructions that it is transmitting to the health control system will result in a negative influence.

Imbalanced brain chemistry, whether it results in excessive or deficient neurotransmitter levels, is the fundamental cause for the development of poor health. This assay reveals the most vital and manageable information from which the return to good health can be programmed. It can be a slow process lasting up to a year so patience is a necessity.


To sustain health at its optimal level it is essential that a group of chemical substances which act in balance with each other, continuously, in every individual are serviced on a regular basis so that they are able to provide the most efficient health control system that each one of us is able to muster.

These chemical substances, most of which are called neurotransmitters, act through their receptors to form communication links between the nervous system, of which the brain is a major part, and the entire body. This is a very complex network that unites all the parts of our body and brain. Through this network the different areas intercommunicate to exchange bio-chemical information with respect to their status, by using a language composed of chemical “words”. If the brain chemistry is balanced then the crosstalk will be both very intelligent and constructive between the different parts of our Organism. As a result all areas of our Organism will carry out their functioning in unison providing us with physical, mental and emotional health. Conversely any deficiency of inactivity in one or more substances will be reflected in the incorrect return signal to the brain that will result ultimately in an inability to control our health effectively and hence a pathological condition will develop. These chemicals are detectable in a urine sample and an analysis of a personal sample will reveal which precise neurotransmitters, or neuro-active substances, require remedial action. In simple words an imbalanced neurotransmitter system is the basic cause of poor health and enables pathological conditions to develop.

This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to any patient suffering from any pathological condition or for those patients who wish to minimise the potential risk of the development of such conditions.


There are three versions of this assay and these are differentiated by the terms “Basic”, “Standard” and “Comprehensive”. For information on which substances are measured in each version please refer to page 77.

- Analysis of Brain Chemistry (Basic)

This version of the assay is ideal to obtain information relating to imbalanced activities between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems from which a treatment strategy for the symptoms can be formulated. Some examples of which are anxiety, panic attacks, tiredness, sleeping problems, low resistance to stress and some gastro-intestinal problems.

- Analysis of Brain Chemistry (Standard)

This enhanced version of the assay will reveal the key problems with the brain and the nervous system that are associated with the development of the pathological conditions. Usually these are associated with imbalanced activities of the nervous system, The Hormonal System and the Immune System. Some examples of such conditions are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Autism, Diabetes (first and second types), some gastro-intestinal problems, Thyroid Problems, cancer, behavioural problems, mood swings and memory problems.

- Analysis of Brain Chemistry (Comprehensive)

This variant of the assay will reveal all of the key problems with the brain and the nervous system. In addition it will identify the principle factors e.g. the types of infections, the presence of toxins, etc, which are contributing to impaired brain activity. The overall findings will form the basis for the creation of an effective treatment plan. This assay is particularly versatile and is ideal for patients who are suffering from a chronic form of a pathological condition or for those patients who appear to be resistant to current forms of treatment. Being so versatile it means that almost no condition is excluded as being unsuitable for this advanced version of this particular assay. It can also be used to form an assessment as to whether the patient may be vulnerable to the development for health problems. The findings can be used to formulate an appropriate treatment strategy to correct whatever findings are established from the result.
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