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The Cytokine (signalling protein) IL-4 plays a number of important roles in the development of an effective Immune System response including triggering the development of the Th2 and B-classes of Immune Cells, preventing excessive inflammatory responses, and assisting in the targeted destruction of damaged and dangerous cells, including cancerous ones. Elevated IL-4 quantities are associated with the presence of an allergy or certain serious bacterial infections, or less commonly, with a parasite or tumour. Reduced quantities indicate an inactive immune response that can result in unrestrained Inflammation.


IL-4 is an anti-inflammatory Cytokine produced mainly by the Th2 cells of the Immune System. It promotes the proliferation of B cells and various other cells including cancerous cells. Also it is able to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory substances produced by the macrophages. IL-4, in combination with tumour necrosis factor alpha, will assist the latter to trigger necrosis (i.e. accidental cell death). This can lead to the destruction of resistant transformed cells in cancer patients. This assay is able to obtain information related to the state of the Th2 (humoral) type of immunological activity and the necessity to implement immuno-stimulation or immuno-suppression to avoid any immunological imbalance.

High quantities are associated with an active humoral immune response due to the presence of a mycobacteria and, very occasionally, parasites. In many instances an allergy is associated with elevated quantities of IL-4. A metastatic tumour is also able to produce IL-4 by self-proliferation. Low quantities indicate that the humoral Immune System response is not active and this can result in an unrestrained inflammatory process.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, infections, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROM ( CFS ) and allergy.
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