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The IL-10 assay sheds light on the current state of the Immune System and the necessity to augment or to curb the anti-inflammatory process. When IL-10 is present in excessive quantities, the protein will inappropriately protect cancerous and infected cells from destruction, enabling them to proliferate. Low quantities, on the other hand, can signify insufficient anti-inflammatory activity, or the incidence of an Auto-immune condition.


IL-10 is an anti-inflammatory Cytokine produced by some regulatory cells of the Immune System and promotes humoral immunity that is associated with the Th2 cells and the development of B cells. It also has the ability to suppress the activity of the macrophages, theTh1 cells, the NK cells and the dendritic cells of the Immune System. This assay is able to obtain information relating to the state of the immunological activity associated with the defence against Inflammation and the necessity to stimulate or to suppress any anti-inflammatory processes.

High quantities are associated with the presence of mycobacteria, parasites or retrovirus. High quantities of IL-10 will assist in promoting the proliferation of both infected and/or transformed cells and their protection from destruction. Low quantities of IL-10 indicate that there is insufficient natural anti-inflammatory activity. In many pathological conditions which are associated with Inflammation and auto-immunity, the quantities of IL-10 are extremely low.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the pathological conditions :-

- Cancer, infections, allergy and IBS.
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