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1 (MMP-1)


MMP-1 is an Enzyme which assists in the controlled breakdown of a protective barrier that surrounds many cells and this process needs to be completed on a regular basis. Elevated quantities of MMP-1 indicate that this protective barrier is not very effective and can result in cell damage. Low quantities suggest that the protective barrier is not being cleared away on a regular basis. Therefore any toxins or other harmful agents are not being removed from the surface of the cells so the cells are likely to be harmed by toxicity.


MMP-1 is an Enzyme that belongs to the family of zinc dependent endopeptidases. MMP-1 can be produced by any cell upon its activation by a number of growth factors and Cytokines. MMP-1 is also known as interstitial collagenase, which is very important for extracellular matrix remodelling because it is able to degrade a number of proteins.

Some Enzymes may also be activated by MMP-1. One of its most important properties is that MMP-1, together with MMP-9, has the ability to destruct fibrillar collagens including their denatured gelatine. This assay is designed to evaluate the natural process of remodelling of the extra cellular matrix.

High quantities of MMP-1 indicate active destruction of the extra cellular matrix components in the cycle of destruction-production (remodelling). In the case of multiple sclerosis, high quantities indicate the degradation of myelin basic proteins. Low quantities indicate the disruption of the cycle of the extra cellular matrix destruction-production (remodelling) which can lead to the accumulation, in its structure, of some harmful agents toxic to a cell. In the case of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) it indicates a difficulty in degrading the fibrillar collagens including their denaturated gelatine.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological conditions :-

- Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ).
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