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IL-13 is a Cytokine (a signalling protein) that is produced by lymphocytes, very often in response to the presence of an allergy. Elevated quantities are normally indicative that there is a probability that some form of allergy is provoking a very strong humoral immune response. Reduced quantities suggest that one of the main stimulators that are linked with allergies is absent.


IL-13 is a Cytokine mainly produced by activated T lymphocytes (Th2 subset) but, also, by both basophils and Mast Cells. IL-13 is produced both by “naïve” and “memory” T lymphocytes and it inhibits the inflammatory responses plus augmenting humoral immunity and the IgE responses. This Cytokine has a weak anti-inflammatory activity. This assay is designed to evaluate the presence of one of the immunological factors related to the stimulation of anti-bodies producing B cells.

High IL-13 quantities are associated with an imminent risk to develop an intensive humoral immune response, possibly complicated by allergic reactions. Low quantities indicate an absence of one of the main stimulators of IgE production by the B cells which are linked to allergies.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological condition :-

- Allergy.
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