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The presence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) is normally associated with some form of infection which has developed because the pancreas and the Immune System has not fully eliminated the infection. Quite often such an infection has remained dormant in the body for many years and has suddenly re-activated itself. High levels of either DNA or RNA usually indicate the presence of either or both forms of the virus. Low levels normally show that neither form of infection exists in the blood but does not eliminate such a possibility in the future.


This type of DNA could be of viral origin or has originated from mycoplasma. In some cases, patients who suffer a relapse have an increased level of DNA in the blood. There is also some evidence that non genomic DNA could be an indicator of the presence of oncoviruses.

This type of RNA could be of viral origin and, as an Antigen, can negatively affect the functioning of the Immune System. This can be of particular significance if there are problems with the Enzyme ribonuclease which is responsible for the degradation of RNA. There is evidence that CFS is associated with abnormal ribonuclease. In addition, there is some evidence that non genomic RNA could be an indicator of the presence of oncoviruses. This assay is designed to evaluate the presence of a viral infection and mycoplasma.

High DNA and/or RNA levels are associated with the presence of viral and mycoplasmial infections complicated by insufficient anti-viral and mycoplasmial activities of the pancreas and the Immune System. Low levels are associated with both the absence of a virus and mycoplasma in blood circulation.


This assay will provide extremely valuable and accurate information relating to the following pathological condition :-

- Viral infections.
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